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sweet soft Malaysian girls playing extreme paintball....guys dare to challenge?



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The anticipated paintball event of the Asian region World Cup Asia 2006 from Dec 8-10 will see the participation of about 54 local and 36 international teams.

These teams consist of both experienced as well as beginner players who want to build their profiles by playing in the WCA.

Among the local teams that will be making their mark in the WCA are AK-47, Assassin X, Killerz Stingerz, Tornado Angels, Demonz, Venus, Screaming Banshees, Xxtioneer and Massive.

Catch these teams in action at the Xtion Paintball Park, National Sports Complex during WCA 2006.

There will also be loads of events and activities for the public. To contact the teams or to find out more about WCA 2006, visit

TORNADO ANGELS - An all-ladies team consisting of five main players IronLady, LadyViolet, Shenz, Fisha, and Lil' Devil, the team was formed on Oct 15 this year. They have been out training every week since for the WCA. Their first stint was the National Paintball League just to gather experience for the bigger tournament. IronLady, the captain of the team, has three years experience and is part of X-Fox, another local group team. IronLady was provided the sponsorship to form a ladies team and that was how she came up with Tornado Angels. They will be competing in the All-Ladies Division and hope to learn from the other teams. The team is new but has pledged to do their best and to at least put on a good show for WCA.

SCREAMING BANSHEES - An all-girl line up made up of Pilgremss, Killer Smile,Death and Jackyll. They made their debut in last year's MPOC league and made it into the Top Five rankings in the Novice division.They were mentored by Assassin X, a more established team. This year, they are competing in Division 3 of MPOC again and none of the girls are intimidated by the fact that they will be playing against all-boy teams. The team will play WCA in the All Ladies Division.

AK-47 - Consisting of Kecik, Apex, Dennis, Ezat, Meto, Harrol and Dede, the team was formed in Sept 2005. The team debuted in the Asian Cup 2005 where they made it to the quarter finals. They are currently top of the Division 2 league in MPOC 2006 in a tie with team Assassin X. The team will also play Division 2 in WCA. They aspire to be the first Malaysian team to win WCA and to beat Assassin X so that they will be the top ranking team in MPOC.

VENUS - An all ladies team that made their two appearances in this year's MPOC they fought hard to match their male counterparts. Comprising Nornisamsila “Nornie,” Zetty Aqtar “Zaphur,” Nazlyn “Lynn,” Christina “Chris,” Bunga Suraya “Nana” and Darlina Kuan “Nina,” Venus was all out to make a statement at the circuit to show that beauty and sports can mix in the game of paintball. The team is also a mix of international players as Chris is from Russia and Nana from Indonesia. Venus will play in WCA 2006 in the All Ladies Division.

XXTIONEER- Consisting of Jay Tee, Phoenix Cat, Top Gun, Xing Kai, Nicholas, Ayub,and P'Boy, this team has battled in more regional tournaments than the domestic leagues. The last one was in Bangkok for the International Thailand Paintball Championship where they emerged third in Division 2. They are also the sports ambassador for Visit Malaysia Year 2007, an effort recognised by Tourism Malaysia. Currently ranked third in the Paintball Asia League Series, team XXtioneer is aiming for the ‘double’ of international titles after winning the Asia Cup last June. This team is sponsored by Dye Precision USA since 2005.

KILLER STINGERZ - A young team which was formed just this year, Killer Stingerz was a spin off from the Kenari Kelisa Owner's Club. A group of paintball enthusiasts who coincidentally drives either Kenari or Kelisa cars got together and formed the team. Made up of mainly students, Batman, Trooper,Five Rose, Asif, Cable, Mike and Bulat played their first tournament in MPOC 2006. Having performed very well, they are confident enough to play in the WCA in Division 3. They have just had a line-up change and they hope that luck will be on their side to make it to the quarter or semi finals at least.

ASSASSIN X - Consisting of Shooter, Bonzer, Phantom, Reaper, Sylenz, Anot, Otai, and Shadow, the team was formed in February 2005. The team have played prolific tournaments like Asia Pacific Paintball League 2005, Asia Cup 2005, and MPOC 2005 and 2006. Almost all the players work for Ambank Berhad and the team emerged champion in the Ambank Paintball Club Challenge which saw the participation of 96 teams. Assassin X will play Division 2 in the WCA and they hope to make at least the semi finals round. They have been training very hard this year and is hoping for more sponsorship to continue their efforts. Assassin X is currently looking at switching to Division 1 next year.

DEMONZ - Demonz is not only a team but a whole group of players that compete in all three divisions. The Division 1 team consists of Flame, Khoo, Keong, Heng, William, Terry, Nadzri, and Ivan. The team started in mid-2004 but was halted for half a year due to players' commitments. They resumed serious training in 2005 where they consistently participated in tournaments. Demonz was named The Best Malaysian Team in Nation Cup 2004, Second Overall Champion of MPOC 2005, Overall Champion of National Paintball League 2006 and is currently among the top teams in MPOC 2006. For Demonz Division 1 in WCA, they hope that they will play against international teams for the experience. The players expect it would be a tough fight in the WCA as the international teams are quite experienced but they will try their best and hope that at least one Malaysian team will make the podium finishing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Girl's guide to play paintball

By: Lisa Magedler

I noticed that during my experience in paintball most girls (my apologies to those who actually know how to shoot a gun) act somewhat differently than boys. So I would like to offer some advice for girls on how to respectfully play paintball so as not to be mocked or laughed at by the opposite sex.

Regularly wipe your mask. The mask will become foggy as you play, blocking your view of your opponent and thus making any tree appear to be someone on the opposite team. Look carefully to see if it is in fact an enemy or simply a tree. If you continually shoot the tree and yell at it, and it does not move, and others have begun laughing at you, you should probably clean your mask.

But for God's sake, do NOT take the mask off while on the field! This will result in you sporting an eye patch where your eyeball used to be.

Make sure you speak the language of the people you are playing with. If you do not, you may find that you are still shooting at the tree you mistook for the enemy, while everybody is yelling at you "The game is over!"

Also, "Cover me!" is different than, "It's over!" It's important to be able to tell the difference between the two. If you misunderstand "cover me" for "game over," you could be the idiot charging toward the opposite end of the field stumbling on paintball guns because of your foggy mask.

Getting shot hurts. Like hell. Don't cry and complain. That is bad and you will never be allowed to play again.

Advance, advance, advance. Do not hide in the back where you started from because:

a) That's where guys from the opposite team go first because they know that all girls hide in the back.

b) You will not hear that "The game is over!" yell from so far in the back.

c) Every tree from that far back looks like a person, you must advance in order to shoot a REAL person.

d) You will get dirty. Do not wear nice clothes. Wear something you don't care about, like your boyfriend's clothes.

Well ladies, I wish you luck on your endeavors. If you follow these tips, you will surely come out as the man with the least bruises.

Lisa Magedler is a junior majoring in creative writing. She is still recovering after
embarrassing herself in paintball and may be contacted at

note: the opinion the writer is not necessarily my opinion or my way of playing....hmmm see ya guy...muaahhh!

hmm....what a long week...can't wait for the weekend...and play paintball....

this was the games one of my friends' office held in Penang, Malaysia

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Paintball Marker


This is my marker:

it is A-5 from tippmann, I got flatline installed (a bit heavy for me), magazine, bud stock and the best part is the response trigger...

I wish my 'lover' could buy me a new one, I guest this time I want a bit light marker, spider maybe ....any suggestion?

Hi, guys...I am now in my hometown, can't wait to go back to Kuala Lumpur tonight, weekend I might be playing paintball with new girl! freshy....hehehe can't wait to shoot her...(I am a bad girl now)....I promise to post some pictures of the game later....chow

I got this free ebook from

Go ahead download it it is totally free. hope it will improve our games, thank you owner of the book...muaaaaaaah!

by the way, this is what the owner wants...

'....This paintball ebook is yours to keep. Feel free to share this free paintball ebook with friends and family, and help them improve their game. But please do not change anything in it. All the images and text are copyright protected.

Let us know what you think!

PS: This downloadable ebook is freee, and there are no strings attached. We simply want to thank you for being a loyal subscriber. And if you know of anyone else who is interested in paintball, send them a copy, and send them over to...'

(hey I am doing free promotion you guys...!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Team: Shadows

my team: picture taken after one in house tournament...the shadows....... wonder where am I? the building behind...eating.......

OK...I promise to put a lot of my picture in future... no more these guys....ceh

huhuhu.... my protector.......conveniently stay behind him so I don't get shot!...

looking at this old aquarium picture, I remember my old getting wet....

Actually this was our aquarium where we put all tiny baby fish we got.... wasn't it nice

Malaysian command & conquer paintball game held at Isi Rimba.

I joined the game, very tiring.......but hey i did not got any hit on my body.....too bad I don't have many picture....

Beside all normal Malay girls soft activities, I used to go fishing following my hubby and his friends. We went a lot of places in west Malaysia. It was great...

But ever since we move to Kuala Lumpur, we have change our 'hobby faith'! We wanna try something new for us and more extreme....the paintball games (not that extreme for other maybe, but for me...fuh sweating!). Play we mostly woodsball....

So far we have played almost every weekends... next post onwards I will share where and how we play....and the 'we' i meant is girls.. see ya